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The Guild is always interested in preventing good Meccano going to waste. If you have any Meccano to re-cycle, please contact the Secretary.

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The North West Meccano Guild (NWMG) had its beginnings in 1973 when a half dozen youthful enthusiasts, centred roughly around Leyland in Lancashire, met in somebody’s front room  to try to form a group for the exchange of  ideas and help.

This group soon grew and became the North West Meccano Guild with  around forty members and now, forty odd years later, the Guild is still in existence and  meets regularly to share ideas and enthusiasm, albeit the average age of the membership has risen somewhat!

The Guild holds two meetings in Leyland each year,in March and October (Annual General Meeting), and in addition  the Guild exhibits a number of times during the year at model railway shows, traction engine rallies, museums, charitable events etc.

Membership of the Guild is open to all those with an  interest in Meccano and model building and a warm welcome is extended to all who have not outgrown their youthful interest in the mechanical world.   

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 News in Brief

Young Les. Nightingale won the Relay Race for electrically propelled vehicles at Meccanuity this year.

Chris. Harris has made  a video of our contribution to “Sci-Fi at the sidings. The link is:

(Note the space)

He also made  a video of our meeting on the 19th. March.

The link is:

The Meccano & Hornby Display at the Atkinson in Southport is ready for public viewing. It is near the Town Hall and Station.

Our visit to MakeFest at MOSI on the 20th. & 21nd. Aug. was highly successful with numerous interested visitors.

Pictures of our models can found on their own page of the Model Gallery. We have a video. CLICK HERE.

Toys for Boys will be held this year on 12th. & 13th. August in Old Christ Church, Waterloo.

More details will be available soon.

We held a meeting at the endof March and exhibited at Ellenroad a week later.

There are some pictures and other information on the the ”Early 2017” page.

Chris. Harris has made a videos of our visits to the Bury Transport Museum and the MakeFest at MOSI. The links are: