Clicking on many of the pictures enlarges them and provides extra information. The models are usually attributed to the builder.

The Guild is always interested in preventing good Meccano going to waste. If you have any Meccano to re-cycle, please contact the Secretary or a member at one of our events.

Click  “Exhibitions” for a calendar of our events. Or “Event Details” for information about individual ones.

Click “North West” for information about Meccano on display and  Meccano related locations in the North West of England.

Our next events will be displays at the Clwyd Veteran and Vintage Machinery Show near Oswestry on 15th. and 16th. June and at the Masham Vintage Rally on the 20th. and 21st July.

See the Exhibitions Page for details - Click Here.

On the 31st. August, we will be exhibiting at the Bury Transport Museum from 10 am. until 4 pm.

There will also be a Hands-On Plastic Meccano Workshop.

Two members went to the Anglesey Vintage Rally on the 18th. & 19th. May. A report and pictures will appear shortly.

An Exhibition was held at British Commercial Vehicle Museum in Leyland on the Sunday 18 February 2024. There was a Hands-On Plastic Meccano Workshop at which more than 20 models were produced, and, also, good display of Metal Meccano models.  Click Here for Pictures

There was a display at Ellenroad Steam Museum on Sunday 3th. March.

More information  can be found on the 2024 Early News Page

Chris Harris made a You-Tube Video. The Link is

Chris. Harris  has been commissioned to make a model of the the Giant Meccano Bridge  Information can be found on the Giant Meccano Bridge Page  Click Here

The  next meeting, the AGM, will be held on Sat. 6th April in Leyland Methodist Hall  starting at 11.00 a.m. The arrangements will be as usual. See the “Find Us” page.

 The previous meeting was held on the 23rd. September 2023. About 24 people attended and there was an excellent display of models.

The 50th. Anniversary of the formation of the Guild was celebrated by the consumption of a cake.

Details can be found on the Mid 2023   page.

Eric Wight agreed to become Exhibitions Coordinator.

An exhibition was arranged at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum on Sunday 1st. October. Pictures will appear soon on the End Of 2023 page but Chris. Harris has produced a video:

“Virtual Meeting” pages have been added to which some members have contributed their latest creations. More contributions are appearing and more are welcome. You can find last year’s pages  on the “News Archive” page. Clicking on the blue text transfers you to the required page.

The Meccano Webring has been revived as the Meccano WebLink. It is at the bottom of this page.

The North West Meccano Guild (NWMG) had its beginnings in 1973 when a half dozen youthful enthusiasts, centred roughly around Leyland in Lancashire, met in somebody’s front room  to try to form a group for the exchange of  ideas and help.

This group soon grew and became the North West Meccano Guild with  around forty members and now, forty odd years later, the Guild is still in existence and  meets regularly to share ideas and enthusiasm, albeit the average age of the membership has risen somewhat!

The Guild holds two meetings in Leyland each year,in March and October (Annual General Meeting), and in addition  the Guild exhibits a number of times during the year at model railway shows, traction engine rallies, museums, charitable events etc.

Membership of the Guild is open to all those with an  interest in Meccano and model building and a warm welcome is extended to all who have not outgrown their youthful interest in the mechanical world.

Christmas Trees By Chris. Harris & Colin Reid

Apart from nuts and bolts, Colin’s uses only two parts. One of the icicles is melting.

Parts List for Chris’s tree.

no 14 x1 38a x 10 187g x 1 260c x 6  260j x 8   212 x 1  187g x 1 806b x 1  111c  x 1  37h x 1  59b x 14  120e x 14

The page of Geoff. Burgess’s Models can still be viewed.

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Frank Smith

Our former Chairman and active member Frank Smith died recently. His cheerful presence and his numerous stories will be remembered for many years. He built numerous interesting models. Many contained parts, which Binns Road did not get round to making, made in his extensive, well equipped workshop. It is unfortunate that hardy any photographs are available at present. The picture on the left shows him at Ellesmere Port Canal Museum. He was also involved with James May’s Meccano Bridge.   of his contribution and some of the photographs which he took have been added to this web-site. Click Here

The one on the right shows him at a Hands-On event at the Ellemere Port  Waterways Museum. Frank was very keen  on encouraging young people to use Meccano. Cars driven by Magic Motors were being made there.

Frank was unable to get around for many months before his death. A turn to the worse ended up with him going to hospital where he contracted pneumonia. He passed away peacefully aged 86, nearly 87.

Members of the committee and other members were able to attend his funeral at Smallwood Crematorium.

The page of Roger Marsh’s Models can still be viewed.

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