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The Guild is always interested in preventing good Meccano going to waste. If you have any Meccano to re-cycle, please contact the Secretary or a member at one of our events.

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News - Sale & Urmston Gadgeteers

We were invited to provide our Plastic Meccano Workshop as part of the Gadgeteers part of the Summer Reading Challenge  at Sale and Urmston Public Libraries.

We provided our Plastic Meccano Workshop and a small display of Metal Meccano Models.

Sale ,  20th. August 2022.

  One Table of Display Models                      Many of the Plastic Meccano Models             The Other Table of Display Models

                                                                                                   Built at the Event

Moving Windmill


Aged 9


Shlok aged 5

Urmston,  27th. August 2022.

We had a busy day at Urmston Library. Most of the  20 or so models built were designed by the builder. We had a pleasant well lit area in a Meeting Room on the first floor. Fortunately there was a lift available and the tables had wheels so that they could be used to move our models and boxes of Plastic Meccano round. Pictures appear below. Click on any of the thumbmail model pictures for a slideshow.

The Murdies with their models.

There is a Funicular Railway,  a Manchester Ship Canal Swing Bridge, a Man with a diabollo,  a illuminated model of the Eifel Tower, a hand operated Ball Roller and a weird bird built from a recent Meccano  set.

Plastic Meccano Models for visitors to play with and perhaps learn something.

They include 2  models demonstrating gears, a Meccanograph which drew lots of patterns, a Windmill, a builder’s crane and a Beam Engine demonstrating Watt’s Parallel Motion.

The Plastic Meccano Workshop. Click on any of the small pictures for a Slideshow.

Most of the parts used are from the original version of Plastic Meccano. A few of the later Meccano Junior parts are used in some of the models.

A Display of Completed Models

Click On any of them for a larger picture.

Window Sills were used for displaying some of the models.

Most of these are of Binns Road design.

Click for a larger picture.

The handle belongs to a tripod walking stick, one which can be used as a seat.

The Model Builders were asked to write out a label for their models. These can be seen in some of the pictures.