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Paper Folding Machine.

The model of the month  for the

January 1962

Meccano Magazine

Built by Chris.Harris.

A Meccano Set 4 Model in the 1987 Manual.

A Motorising Set which included gears has been added.

The construction of the model was limited by the parts available.  This made it  a very fast moving model when operating  with 6 v  battery packs.

Built by Chris. Harris.

Brian Elvidge  has produced 3 models.

Above is a model of Malcolm Campbell’s Bluebird record breaking car based on the one published in the No. 6 manuals from 1937 until 1953.

On either side are 2 pictures of a Shipyard Crane,  model 7.21 in the 1961 Manual. Modifications include  using a Ball Thrust Bearing and strengthening the tower.

Below are pictures of a Tractor. In one it has a trailer and in the second a Hay Rake. The models are based on models in the 1957 Manual for Set 6. (6.23). The Tractor has  a  No.1 Clockwork Motor and works well.

Brian has made some more models and taken more photographs. They are:

1. A Racing Car from a 2022 Set.

2. A Buggy from the 2013 Dump Truck Set.

3. A Steam Wagon based on models which appeared in manuals between 1928 and 1937. A rather more modern E20R motor has been fitted instead of one of its rather similar predecessors. It also has better bodywork.

Brian has built a twin engined Bi-plane based on a model in 1928-1935 manuals. He has made a few improvements including Stokys propellers. The Meccano Aeroplane Constructor Outfits included similar but smaller ones.

The models at the bottom of the page were exhibited at Hainault.

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