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The Guild is always interested in preventing good Meccano going to waste. If you have any Meccano to re-cycle, please contact the Secretary or a member at one of our events.

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Event Details

Home Hints for Exhibitors

Bury Transport Museum,  

The usual entrance fees and opening times will apply. Parking for exhibitors may be awkward but the Station car park and others near-by will be open.  The museum is across the road from the East Lancashire Railway Station. Refreshments are available at the museum and a greater selection in the Passenger Railway Station Building.

At least 8 members will be displaying a variety of exhibits, many working and some interactive. A Hands-On Workshop for making models with original Plastic Meccano will also be n operation..

A  Meccanoid is likely to turn up.

The web-site is:

Lancaster Fun Palace,  Lancaster Library,

10.00 am. to 4.00 pm. Sat., 12.00 pm. to 4.00 pm. Sun.

  There will be a Hands-On Plastic Meccano Workshop and a small display of Meccano models, most of which will be interactive or working.

The web-site is:

This will have details of numerous other events in and around the Market Square, all free.

The Library is in Market Square, a location unknown to our Tom-Tom. The nearest car-park is the Marketgate Shopping Centre off King Street (a right turn off the A6 coming into Lancaster from the South).   We usually park at the Railway Station, a short walk away.

Ellenroad Steam Museum.

      We will be exhibiting again in the old Boiler House of Ellenroad Mill, where the remaining boiler will be fired up to provide steam for the large Corliss engine which originally powered the spinning machinery, the Whitelees Beam Engine, as well as several smaller engines. Refreshments will be available. The entry fee is £5 for adults, children free. There is now a £2.50 surcharge because of the rising cost of fuel

The museum is situated between Milnrow and Newhey near the complicated junction 21 on the M62. Follow the signs for Shaw and then Sun Chemicals and New Hey.

Newhey Tram Station is quite near. The museum is open from 11.00 am until 4.00 pm.

The web-site is: