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The Guild is always interested in preventing good Meccano going to waste. If you have any Meccano to re-cycle, please contact the Secretary or a member at one of our events.

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Events April to July 2013

25th., 26, & 27th. May      Smallwood Vintage Rally.

This was a new venue arranged by Colin Reid (who was also in charge of the other model displays). Being near Sandbach,  it attracted a large number of heavy commercial vehicles plus a fair number of vintage cars as well as stationary engines and tractors.  4 members exhibited a variety of  models, many interactive.  Even though the weather was good and the model marquee some distance from the centre of activity, we had a lot of interested visitors. A large number of  Plastic Meccano models were constructed, mostly, but not entirely  by  the younger visitors.

Hoylake 20th. &  21st.  April.

Dave Birnie coordinated our contribution  to an  exhibition  in Hoylake Community Centre to raise funds for the Merchant Navy Memorial in Liverpool Cathedral. 6 Members were able to attend  with a wide selection of interesting and well built models.  John Sinton, not a member also contributed to the display. Also on show were genuine Hornby Railway layouts, both O and OO gauge.

8th. April

We have just heard of the death of Jim Mortimer. Jim will be remembered for the beautifully made and interesting models, mostly in yellow, which he brought to Guild Meetings. Deteriorating health in recent years has meant that he has not been able to come for a few years. His wife, Margaret, was also  regular attendee  to our meetings.

      23rd. April.

         Only 4  people connected with NWMG were able to attend Jim’s funeral. The service, the traditional Prayer Book version, was held the delightful  little 16th. Century Church of St. James,Altham, with a fair number of Jim’s friends and relations present. Jim’s varied career included service as a Naval Gunner on merchant ships in the Malta Convoys. Margaret is now confined to a wheelchair but is well set up with all  the necessary equipment at her daughter Susan’s house. She had a pleasant afternoon talking to friends and relations.

The photograph shows Jim with one of his most impressive models  - the Blackpool Tower, complete with the  building  complex at the bottom..

Margaret can  be seen in the background.

It was supplied by the Sheffield Meccano Guild of which Jim was an active member until a few years ago.

15th. & 16th. June,  Vintage Machinery and Craft Fair, Oswestry.

This is an event organised by  the Clwyd Veteran and Vintage Society at the Oswestry Showground . The showground was, originally, a Royal Artillery Basic Training Camp and the rather dilapidated Gymnasium was used for the the models. The spacious venue allowed a huge display of Mamod Steam Models to be set up to which was added some Meccano models, mostly of steam prototypes. 5 members were present and occupied a long line of tables along one side (which meant that we did not get any good photographs). As well as the aeroplanes, Ian displayed a number of Army Multikit models. Neville brought his Union Pacific Locomotive and Dick  the Kangaroo Crane.  Veronica assisted with the construction of a large number of innovative Plastic Meccano Models. We had an excellent steward, who not only displayed model vehicles (not Meccano unfortunately) but also worked on new ones.

Some of these photographs were provided by members of the Guild including Chris. Harris and David Birnie.

6th. April. Giant Meccano Bridge

Grand Opening  of the Giant Meccano Bridge at Little Lever near Bolton took place with a large attendance of the general public as well as a number of Guild members.     More information should become available on  and a report, with pictures, by Mike Walker can be found on (his User Gallery)

7th April.  Ellenroad Steam Museum

 A small exhibition was held at Ellenroad Steam Museum 13th. & 14th. April. As usual there was much interest from the large number of visitors. It may have been the first public steaming of the Whitelees Beam Engine following its reconstruction. It is not quite finished but most of it was resplendent in a close match to Meccano dark red & green. It ran beautifully.

13th. & 14th. April. British Commericial Vehicle Museum

Our major exhibition at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum was not well attended on Saturday, perhaps because it was not properly advertised. However, we were very busy for most of Sunday. Of particular interest were Ian Corlett’s not quite complete Fork-lift Truck (which meant that the mechanism was open for inspection), David Pickup’s  LMS Princess Elizabeth 462 locomotive, and Mark Rolston’s cup winning transport models. None were out of place in a hall full of beautifully restored commercial vehicles. The photographs are by Chris. Harris /

The exhibition was featured in the Lancashire Evening Post, the following Saturday, with a spread of 7  photographs.

5th. To 7th. July.   Skegex.

Some members went to this, perhaps the world’s biggest Meccano Exhibition, held in Embassy Halls, Skegness, Lincolnshire.

20th. & 21st.  July.  Steam Engine and Fair Organ Rally, Masham, HG4 4NX.

Some members  exhibited in the model tent there, hoping to bring back the cup  won for the model  by Mark Rolston last year, which he duly did. A large number of traction engines and steam rollers  attended as well as vintage vehicles of all sorts.  There  was also be a good selection of useful stalls.

Some of the Guild Members

who went to Skegness