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The Guild is always interested in preventing good Meccano going to waste. If you have any Meccano to re-cycle, please contact the Secretary or a member at one of our events.

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News of Events, July 2016

Skegness, 2nd. & 3rd July.

    6 Members exhibited at this event. Some of their models are shown below.

Masham Steam Rally, 16th. & 17th. July 2016.

  3 members attended this popular event. The North West Meccano Guild were no longer in charge of the electrical supply to the model and craft marquee. Contractors had been brought in and instead of one NWMG RCD, more than half a dozen massive boxes each with 4 RCDs and numerous 13 amp, sockets were provided. Dick Watson’s Kangaroo Crane was a great attraction causing a craft stall to move to make room for the spectators. Some members will be glad to know that Mike Shaw’s model are still in full working order and more have been added.  There was a large number of model engineering exhibits, but a model boatbuilder won the cup, often won by Mark, with some beautiful model small boats including cobles.

Bury Transport Museum, 9th. & 10th. July 2016.

   7 Members exhibited at the museum. Quite a few interested visitors came but not really enough. A fair number of Plastic Meccano models were constructed in the Hands-On Workshop.  The pictures are by Chris. Harris.

MakeFest  at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester.

20th. & 21st. August.

   We had 16 tables at this very popular event and 14 “Makers” and helpers went. There is a separate page in the Gallery (Click Here) and a video (Click Here).

The blocksetter attracted a lot of attention and laid a large number of blocks. The Plastic Meccano Meccanograph from the 400 set manual was well used and got though a thick wad of paper on both days. We did not have much time to look at the other Makers’ stands but we did see some Meccano in use.

Tern Hill Vintage Rally, 13th. & 14th. August.

This event was organised by the Tern Valley Vintage Machinery Trust and was held in the attractive surroundings of Chetwynd Deer Park near Newport in Shropshire.  4 menbers went and we had a good number of interested visitors. They included a Hornby descendant. The selection of models was limited by the lack of 230v electricity. Bert Love would have turned in his grave had he known about Meccano being exhibited in a gazebo. A gust of wind provided a excellent demonstration of the Euler bucking of struts and plastic hinges. Fortunately, this happened before the models were in place.

Fun Palace at Lancaster Public Library,  1st. & 2nd October 2016.

In the early 1960s, Joan Littlewood and architect Cedric Price conceived the Fun Palace as a ‘laboratory of fun’ and ‘a university of the streets’. The North West Meccano Guild contributed a Hands-On Workshop for building Plastic Meccano Models (mainly using original 1960s and 70s parts), Over 60 were built on the two days.

There was also a small display of metal Meccano models. Apart from two tall models to attract attention, all the models were interactive -a “Please Do Touch” display.

The old 400 Plastic Meccano Outfit Meccanogaph (somewhat modified) produced a large number of patterns.

Our contribution was very busy in spite of strong opposition from  the other contributors.

The organiser has reported that the Meccano was hugely popular and featured in a lot of great feedback from our visitors.

Joan Littlewood is best remembered for her Theatre Workshop. The event brought back memories of the times when, after taking their bow, the cast would descend from the stage at the Theatre Royal in Stratford to collect the dog-ends left by the audience. Fortunately, the Fun Palace was better funded.

Pictures of more of the models can be found on the Plastic Meccano Models page of the Model Galley - Click Here.

Guild Annual General Meeting 22nd. Oct. 2016.

  Unfortunately, only 18 members were able to attend. Apologies foe absence were received from several including the Chairman. In spite of this there was a good display of models, pictures of some which are shown below. Only the webmaster was able to take photographs, rushing round when people were packing up. Sale of donated parts produced a valuable contribution to the Guild’s funds.  Many thanks  to those members who provided a lot of information about their models, some of which has been used to improve the captions of models on other pages.

A video is available of Derrick Murdie’s Ball Roller for big Meccano balls. The link is:

Bearing for large Tower Crane. Pictures of the dismantled bearing can be seen on

Derrick Murdie’s See-Saw Ball Roller