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The Guild is always interested in preventing good Meccano going to waste. If you have any Meccano to re-cycle, please contact the Secretary or a member at one of our events.

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News of NWMG activities.

August to December 2015.

Toys for Boys, 8th. &9th. August 2015.

This event was moved from early September to early August this year. Attendance was improved but few children appeared. The sun was out and the tide in, so that the nearby beach was a major counter-attraction. Never-the-less, about 30 Plastic Meccano models were produced in the hands-On Workshop. 7 members exhibited a wide variety of models.

MakeFest at the Museum of Science & Industry.

Manchester, 8th. & 9th. August 2015.

  Only 3 members were able to attend this event and a fourth contributed 2 extra models. It clashed with Toys for Boys. The models were dwarfed by the South African Railways Beyer-Garratt locomotive behind them. Our members were kept very busy with a constant flow of visitors but were well fed and watered by the museum. Chris. Harris produced a video: wezs&t=227s

Skegness, 3rd., 4th. & 5th. July 2015.

In spite of the awkward journey from Lancashire to Skegness, some NWMG members made it. In the picture above are Derrick and Margaret Murdie with some of Derrick’s latest models. The group picture shows Derrick at the back, Mark Rolston at the front and, from left to right in the middle, Chris. Harris, the two Les. Nightingales and Anne Nightingale.

Annual General Meeting, 14th. October 2015.

     This was held at our usual venue, the Methodist Church Hall in Leyland. Jean Damp and her assistants served the usual lunch of hot-pot and apple pie. Perhaps the most notable models on display were two heavy trucks by Geoff. Burgess. Before the meeting proper, an auction of a quantity of donated Meccano was held. This was very popular, most of the items being in new or nearly new condition,  and nearly every member bought something.

   The existing committee was confirmed in office and the date of the next meeting fixed for the 19th. October 2016 at the Methodist Hall.