Clicking on many of the pictures enlarges them and provides extra information. The models are usually attributed to the builder.

The Guild is always interested in preventing good Meccano going to waste. If you have any Meccano to re-cycle, please contact the Secretary or a member at one of our events.

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Hints for Exhibitors

Many exhibitors are already using these hints, in fact, they have been drawn up   from observing  their good practice.

  1. Extension Leads

               Many of our venues have very few, sometimes only one, usable electric power sockets. It is helps a lot if the first people to arrive plug in a short multi-point extension lead before plugging in the long one which goes to their table. It also helps if they leave a spare socket for someone else at the end of  the long lead. This will avoid having to re-arrange plugs and stopping the synchronous clock which took 5 minutes to get get going.

    Some extension leads are not manufactured to carry 13 amp. This should not be a problem  if only Meccano models are plugged in to them,  but fuses might be blown if someone plugs a kettle into the end of a long length of daisy chained extensions.

  1. Displaying Small Models.

              We often are rather short of table space. To display a lot of small models, it helps if  those at the back are raised up. I use the boxes that they came in and sometimes use  a plank as well. Many models, e.g. clocks, look better if raised to eye level. This can also enable double width tables to be used in places where there are plenty of tables but a shortage of frontage.

  1. Name Labels.

                                       Many members, visitors and the Guild Photographer like to take pictures of our models. Often they end up not knowing who made the models in the photographs. If  exhibitors left a name label (often provided) on their table, it can be moved around so that it could be included in the photographs.

   4.  Marquee Events.

                                  Because the ground is usually rather soft and uneven, it is useful to bring some small pieces of wood to place under the table legs.  Old oilcloth tablecloths are useful to put under the tables to prevent articles put there from  getting damp, in particular electrical equipment. Electricity is usually supplied from a generator  and is often not reliable enough for models, such as synchronous clocks, which need such a supply. The generator will, almost certainly, be fitted with an RCD and be properly earthed.

    5. Oiling.

                             Ordinary oilcans are a menace because they always seem to be covered in oil that has leaked out. I find a Precision Oil Pen very useful at exhibitions.  I have found out that you can refill one easily with more oil. The trick is that the top has a left-hand thread so can easily be removed when you know how. A bit of manipulation restores it to near its original shape.