Clicking on many of the pictures enlarges them and provides extra information. The models are usually attributed to the builder.

The Guild is always interested in preventing good Meccano going to waste. If you have any Meccano to re-cycle, please contact the Secretary or a member at one of our events.

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This Page gives links to a number of You-Tube Videos produced by or including NWMG members and their models.

They are in no particular order.

1. Exhibition at Bury Transport Museum 2014,

              Produced by Chris. Harris. This shows most of the models displayed on the 22nd. and 23rd of Feb. 2014. Chris. Has produced a number of other  videos which can be found using this link.

2.  Geoff. Burgess’s 9F British Railway’s 2-10-0 Heavy Freight Locomotive.

               Although  these locomotives were designed for freight duties they were used for passenger work, particularly on summer Saturdays when heavy trains were operated over unusual routes. They were nearly all painted in plain black, but Geoff’s model is mainly in standard Meccano  medium red and green. Freight locomotives are good subjects for Meccano models because the same parts can be used for the wheels and the smokebox.

3. Colin Reid’s Rapier Loom.

                 In this type of loom, instead of the weft being carried carried though the “shed”, (the gap between two lots of warp) by a shuttle, the weft is drawn though by the “rapier”, clearly seen in the video. This enables the weft to be carried on a large stationary spool instead of a small one fitted inside the shuttle.

4.   David Pickup’s “Princess Elizabeth” LMS Pacific Locomotive.  

                 This was the second of William Stanier’s 4-6-2 Express Passenger locomotives, and has many of the features that he brought over from his previous job on the Great Western Railway. These include the top-feed for the boiler water (the smaller of the  two domes on the the boiler), the taper boiler itself and the divided drive from the 4 cylinders to the driving wheels. The latter explains the odd position of the outside cylinders alongside the rear bogie wheels. The inside cylinders drive the leading coupled wheels and are between the front bogie wheels. Stanier managed  to avoid the complicated bogie used on the GWR Kings which had very similar cylinders.

5.  Chris. Harris’s Dalek.

               This model causes considerable amusement at exhibitions, particularly when water is  allowed.

6.  Chris. Harris’s Useless Machine.

                         Some people have to puck up a great deal of courage to operate these machines. On non-Meccano models, the arm that comes out of the box to work the switch is usually clad in a pyjama sleeve.

7. Television Interview featuring Ed. Downing

                   Here Ed. talks about his large collection of Meccano sets and models. Shown as part of the Secret Lives documentary series for Border TV (ITV) in 1991. Produced & Directed by Michael Cumming.

    8. North West Meccano Guild at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum, Leyland  2014.

           A video prepared by Chris. Harris showing most of the models exhibited at the Museum on 12th. & 13th. April 2014. We were able to display a splendid  selection of Meccano models  of commercial vehicles, as well as good variety of other interesting models.

  9.                                    Three  Collections of  Videos taken by the Guild Photographer.

                                            It is not known where they were taken.

                   a)  Steam Engine Models.

               b)  The Nightingales  Blocksetting Crane.

               c) Fairground Rides and Colin Reid’s Rapier Loom

     10 .       Video of  Colin Reid Demonstrating and  Describing his Rapier Loom.

     A two hour long video in which Colin described his loom and displays its mechanism. It was made by Tillsbury2000, a New Zealander, I think.         

11.    Altricham Video Club’s Production - “The Model Makers”.

        A short film in which some members of the North West Meccano Guild talk about their introduction to Meccano and describe the models featured.

12.     A Love Affair.

    A video made by Kevin Doyle when he visited our exhibition at Victoria Baths in Manchester a couple of years ago. It shows a good number of our models not shown elsewhere and some by former members. It is quite an impressive effort  for a video made at a public exhibition, largely without the knowledge of the exhibitors.

Click Here, or on the Thumbnail

13.  How to Make a Dalek, by Chris. Harris.

14. North West Meccano Guild Meetings .

Chris Harris’s compilation  of clips showing models exhibited at our 2014 meetings. They include models of both steam and internal combustion engines.

15. Toys for Boys August 2014.

         A video showing many of the exhibits at this event, including most of our Meccano ones. The film maker is unknown to us. The link is:

16. Bury Transport Museum Febuary 2015.

Chris. Harris made this video of  the display which he organised in the Education Museum of the Museum.  It includes Dick Watson’s Kangaroo Crane. Neville Bonds Union Pacafic diesel- electric locomotive, Roger Marsh’s Watt’s Beam Engine, two locomotives by Sheffield Guild member, Bob Seaton and many others. The link is:

17. North West Gauge O Modellers Show at Leigh Sports Centre,  25th. Aoril 2015.

Another of Chris. Harris’s videos, this time of our small stand at the Gauge O    Modellers’ Show at Leigh. There are demonstrations of Chris’s and Derrick Murdie’s amusing models.


18. British Commercial Vehicle Museum, 16th. & 17th. May. 2015

   This video shows the many models displayed at our exhibition , including Mark Rolston’s and Ian Corlett’s Trucks. Chris. Has managed to record them in spite of the poor lighting in one of the display areas. The link is:

19. Aeroplane Tower in Albert Square on Manchester Day, 14th. June 2015.

   The North West Meccano Guild and the Telford and Ironbridge Meccano Guild assisted members of the public in building a 10 ft. high tower  to carry two rotating aeroplanes.  The video shows the completed tower with the aeroplanes flying round it.

20. MakeFest at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, 8th. & 9th. Aug. 2015.

     Chris. Harris’s video of the NWMG  display at MakeFest 2015.  The event coincided with Toys for Boys so that only 4 members were able to contribute. Our models were dwarfed by the South African Railways Beyer-Garratt behind them. The video was recorded before the public arrived so some of the sounds are authentic Meccano ones. The link is:

21. Bury Transport Museum 13th. Sept 2015.

    Chris. Harris video of our display taken while we were making our final adjustments. Most of the models were, as is appropriate for a transport museum, and road vehicles. They included a fine Showman’s Traction Engine built by Geoff. Burgess and Mark Rolston’s tractors.

The link is:

22. Opening the Giant Meccano Bridge.

    A video produced by the Canal Preservation Society of the events at the opening ceremony including the display of Meccano Models by the Guild and the Hands-On Workshop.

23. The Guild Meeting on 19th. March 2016.

    Chris. Harris’s video of the models displayed at the meeting .

24. Sci-Fi at the Sidings at Bury Transport Museum.

     Another video by Chris.   This time of our contribution to this event, showing his Daleks and a collection of  Meccano Space Outfit models by Dick Watson. The KS Meccanoid takes a short walk. (The space in the link is needed).

They may be viewed as a Playlist. The link is:

25. MakeFest at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

     Chris. Harris’s video of our contribution to this event. It features, among other models, Dick Watson’s Blocksetting Crane, at work, Ian Corlett’s and Mark Rolston’s Trucks, and people having an exciting ride in Roger Marsh’s Giant Swing Boat.