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The Guild is always interested in preventing good Meccano going to waste. If you have any Meccano to re-cycle, please contact the Secretary or a member at one of our events.

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Bury Transport Museum., 21st, & 22nd. February.

 Approximately 12 members attended our exhibition in the Education Room of the Museum. The large models included Neville’s Union Pacific Diesel Electric Locomotive, a large Plastic Meccano Locomotive and a Watt’s Beam Engine by Roger Marsh, Jon Hall’s Showman’s Traction Engine and Dick’s Level Luffing  Kangaroo Grabbing Crane. The Nightingales’ Meccanograph was hard at work and at least 20 Plastic Meccano Models were produced in the Hands-On Workshop. There were numerous interested visitors.  

  On Sunday, we were  joined by Bob Seaton from the Sheffield Guild who brought his splendid Locomotive models - the LBSC 4-6-4T  “Remembrance” and the LMS  Pacific “City of Sheffield” .

 Our display was efficiently organised by  Chris.  Harris who brought a selection of Junior Meccano models made  by children of his acquaintance, a bus and his horse drawn water cart.

  Chris. made a video. The link is below. We are hoping to get more better pictures.

News February until April 2015

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Brierfield Model Railway Club. 21st. & 22nd. March.

     This a new venue. The event was organised by the local model railway club  in St. Luke’s Church Hall, a pleasant well lit room with additional space for traders’s stalls and a café behind the stage.  The stalls sold a good selection of new and secondhand model railway items. Colin and Mark attended on Saturday when it was rather quiet. On Sunday, Derrick brought his Funicular Railway, the Bird and Ball Roller. Dick brought John the Navvy and the Blocksetting Crane. It as quite busy most of the time. Other exhibits included an extensive and a busy 3-Rail Hornby-Dublo layout, and a large selection of mainly gauge O tinplate rolling stock, some running on a Hornby Tinplate track. We will probably go to a similar event at Colne in November.

          Guild Meeting  15th. March.

    This was at a new venue - the Farington Conservative and Sports Club on the outskirts of Leyland. About 20 members attended, most bringing models. We had quite a nice room. Large boards were put on circular “pub” tables for the models. Notable models, not in the photographs, included trucks  by Mark Rolston and Ian Corlett, Neville’s Union Pacific Diesel-Electric Locomotive, the Nightingales’  usual of selection interesting models, Dick Watson’s Märklin Cargo Ship and many others. Chris. Harris has kindly provided some pictures.

At the meeting, the year’s program of events was discussed and it was decided  to attempt to arrange a suitable date for the next meeting at the old venue.            

Ellenroad Steam Museum,  5th. April 2015.

     Three members exhibited in the former boiler room  of the old mill as well as George Barrett, one of the large number of volunteers who not only keep the engines going but also bring more into operation. Not shown in the photographs were Dick Watson’s Blocksetter and Ian Corlett’s highly detailed trucks.

  Among the many interested visitors was one of the people engaged in Quality Control at Binns Road who wondered whether our models included parts which he had personally passed for sale.