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The Guild is always interested in preventing good Meccano going to waste. If you have any Meccano to re-cycle, please contact the Secretary or a member at one of our events.

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Clwyd Veteran & Vintage Machinery  Society  40th. Show, 18th. & 19th. 2018.

   Two members and one former member exhibited at this popular event. Not as many Plastic Meccano Models were built as in previous years. Pictures are shown below,  mostly taken by the webmaster.

Our display was rather dwarfed by the Roberts collection. The Roberts family usually fill 8 tables with Mamod Steam engines and a few Meccano models. This year, they only brought Meccano models, closely packed  on the tables on which a flight of Red Arrows has landed. There was a huge variety, some being the well known shop window display models, others purchased already built but many constructed by the Roberts  family themselves.

A glimpse of our display at Oswestry can be seen in this You-Tube video:


Skegness 2018.

At least 3 members exhibited at this, perhaps the largest exhibition of Meccano anywhere this year. Chris. Harris took some photographs, one above and two below and also a video:

Ellenroad Steam Museum, 5th. August 2018.

7 members as well as the resident Meccano modeller exhibited at this popular venue. Chris. Harris took photographs of the models, some of which as shown below. There is also one of the principal exhibit and, as well, one of the inner end of the parallel motion of the Whitelees Beam Engine. This is often modelled incorrectly in Meccano models of beam engines including the well known one in the early 1930s manual for Outfit No. 6, then the second largest.

Click on the photographs for more information.

Annual General Meeting, 22nd. September 2018.

    The meeting was very busy with  auctions of two good sized collections of Meccano, one before and the other after the usual hot-pot lunch. These were arranged on a commission basis but nevertheless provided a useful contribution to Guild funds. The Meccano was in a well used (perhaps based-around) condition, but there were  some very useful items.

   Unfortunately, there was only time for a short video to be taken which only shows a selection of the interesting models displayed. They included two of the new hydraulic excavator model. You can just catch a glimpse of a reconstruction of one the 1920s Meccano Radio Sets. Chris. showed a model using a “Crankshaft”, part 134, a preview of an entry in an Sheffield Meccano Guild competition. Although included in Outfits for over 30 years, this part was only used in one or two Manual models. One of the interesting models, now shown, was Tony Rigby’s tractor driven by two clockwork motors connected by a differential.

   The link to the video is:

    At the business part of the meeting, Frank Smith announced his retirement as Chairman aftr many years.  Derrick Murdie was persuaded to take his place and Eric Wright’s offer to take his place as an ordinary member of the committee was accepted.

  Since the meeting, Chris. has provided some pictures of Mr. Crank, shown below and a You Tube Video which shows how his lips (two crankshafts) move. The link is:

Model builders with experience of building models from old Meccano Manuals should have little difficulty in producing their version of Mr. Crank from the pictures below, acknowledging Chris’s original design.

Also, the Web-Master has received the pictures taken by the Guild Photographer. Some have now been added to this page. A separate page has been provided for Brian Harper’s Radio Set. Click Here to see it.

Tony Rigby’s Tractor

It is not known who brought this amusing fellow

Lancaster Fun Palace. October 6th. & 7th.

Fun Palaces is an ongoing campaign for cultural democracy, with an annual weekend of action every October.

It was founded by Joan Littlewood of Theatre Workshop Fame.

Two members contributed to the Lancaster Fun Palace in the Main Library. On Saturday, we were in a meeting room, but on Sunday we moved into the palatial library hall.  A wide variety of  hand-on activities took place attracting a large number of children and some participating adults. Even though there was a lot of competition, we were very busy as can be seen in the pictures above. Some quite ambitious Plastic Meccano models were built and a selection can be seen here.

Chris. Harris’s Mr. Crank with his Prize - another Crankshaft!