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News, July & August 2019

Masham Steam Engine & Fairground Organ Rally.

Four Members attended this popular event, where our display was well received. Mark Rolston brought his collection of various types of tractor. Dick Watson’s Patentee Locomotive put in a fair mileage.  Jake assisted in the transfer of large quantities of dried peas from one box to another using the Kangaroo Crane.

Workshop at Heron Corn Mill, Beetham, Cumbria, 6th. Aug.

Veronica and Dick organised a  Meccano workshop at the mill attended by about 16 boys and girls and two granddads. Numerous Plastic Meccano models were constructed including a large Windmill (mainly by a granddad). Some small metal Meccano models were also made but with some difficulty. Small interactive models and a Plastic Meccano Meccanograph were well used.

  In the afternoon, most of the group were involved in the construction of a metal Meccano bridge to carry a Hornby No. 1 Tank Locomotive from one table to another. This proved more difficult than expected, one difficulty being that inexperienced builders often need longer bolts than experts. It was made from 6 more or less identical modules which were then linked together to form the complete bridge. It was completed within the time available, but an improved design has evolved to make it easier to construct should the project be repeated.

 The pictures show the sample module and the completed bridge.

Another shows the bridge as a tower.

Valuable assistance was provided by Tristan, a Mill volunteer.

The afternoon ended with a large proportion of the parts being joined together in a long line about 30 m long.

One of these tractors inaction can be seen at: